DoW 68: Actually We’re Serious

“More horn covers is the general consensus of EVE right now”

-Pell Helix, CEO of recently evicted (in part by Turtle) WH mercs Surely You’re Joking, joins the episode as our special guest

Poll Results: B-R Themesong

EVE News: B-R fallout continues, Black Legion breaks ties with CFC and attacks Circle of Two in Tribute

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. Moves to Venal

-Alek and Ali give first hand accounts on how the revamped ESS are working as content generators

This Week in Mercs: Pell Helix interview, Surely You’re Joking evicted by SSC+KILL+friends, Turtle and Pell give the inside perspective on the battle between SYJ/BRAVE and SSC/KILL, Psianh Auvyander’s ‘Current State of Mercenaries in EVE’ blog post (feat. Psianh joining us for a chat)

CSM Corner: The CSM’s part of the minutes are in, Drone Assist (finally) gets nerfed, LogoGate

Masterclass: ESS Raid and Defense Tactics

SYJ Soundcloud Troll
And then this happened.

DoW 67: Clash of the Titans

“It’s probably the biggest loss you’re gonna see them take for the next 5 years”

Poll Results: Would EVE be better without killboards?, Do you have confidence in CCP’s 3 year plan?

EVE News: The Battle of B-R and analysis of the consequences, Nulli falls back, PL withdraws from the war, Return of the titan drive by, The end of Bombers Bar? We hope not.

Contract Wrap Up: Lowsec Incursions for Fun and Profit, Atlar/Illamur POCO hits

This Week In Mercs: Gevlon Goblin seeks highsec mercs for anti-Goon crusade with hilarious results

CSM Corner: Ali gives a review of the recently held Winter Summit, Alek grills her on what CCP’s perspective is on the next two expansions, Rubicon 1.1 released with needed but still derpy ESS fixes

-Turtle is not pleased about seeing the Tutorial constantly post 1.1

Noir. History: “Failscading since 2008” (All the reasons Noir. sucks)

-Turtle is not pleased about the DX11 bug post 1.1

-If you’re still interested in joining Noir. after listening to that segment, NMG. is actively seeking large PVP corps XD

Ending track courtesy of J-Kraken