DoW 62 “Zebras Are People Too”

“Wow, that’s a really horrible question to ask me in front of Ali isn’t it?”


Feat. Xander Phoena, host of Crossing Zebras podcast

-Fan Mail: Alek lets the listeners own words tell Xander how it is about who has the better podcast

Poll Discussion: Can you use a T2 cruiser/BS weapon system?

-Great discussion about training plans, fleet fits, and skill overlap

EVE News: SOLAR joins up with Stainwagon to fight N3 Coalition starting a massive 0.0 war, SCL 5 brought us the first in-combat of preview of Rubicon, CCP tries an ambitious live event with mixed results

Contract Wrap Up: Finishing touches on the campaign in Providence, a POS takedown contract in Hasama

This Week In Mercs: Ali Aras joins Noir.! Mercs prep for the landrush of Rubicon

CSM Segment: Xander talks with the CSM veterans about CSM8’s performance to date, Ali eats crow over the summit minutes which leads to a discussion about improving the minutes process, Rapid Missile Launcher changes

Masterclass: Local Tanking vs Passive Tanking, When and Why