“I think we need to go to commercial after that one”

Special Guest: Phreeze, the infamous FC of Insidious Empire

Poll Discussion: CCP’s Community Support Incentives

EVE News: Somer/DNSBlack/Poetic RMT controversy continues, Pandemic Legion baits out over 30 Black Legion super carriers in an epic space battle

-Phreeze rants about Odyssey, bombers, and T3s. But mostly bombers.

Contract Wrap Up: The 9UY campaign in full force with fierce fighting featuring nearly every major alliance in 0.0, CVA squeaks out a defense in spite of themselves

CSM Segment: Panel discussion on the new POS Siphons

Masterclass: T1 vs T2 weapons

(End Music: NinjaTurtle x TwoStep shipping)

DoW 60 “BlankGate”

“I wish I had a lawn chair”

EVE News: Blinkgate, TEST joins Caldari FW, Gal/Min FW goes on the offensive, Mattias Otero steps down as Brave Newbies CEO, EAF changes confirmed for Rubicon

Poll Discussion: Rubicon feature hype!

Contract Wrap Up: Noir.+SOUND (and friends) launch offensive campaign against old Providence

This Week In Mercs: Demand for highsec POCO contracts looks to be living up to expectations

CSM Segment: Minutes update (now with more schadenfreude)

Masterclass: Sentry Fleets


DoW Episode 59

-RUBICON: Implications, analysis, and CSMy Insight

-EVE News: Red Frog corp theft, TEST implosion update, forgotten-about Wicked Princess alt leads to BL. killing a NC. Erebus, Goonswarm joins the pool party in Curse (right on top of TEST)

-Poll Discussion: So, your alliance moves to Curse

-Contract Wrapup: Catch campaign

-This Week in Mercs: Several new units listed in Merc Contracts channel including the Hashashin Cartel