DoW 105: Oh the times they are a changin’

“It’s a whole new worllllllld”

Fang returns to the show after a few weeks EVE vacation

Poll Results: Is Ministry of Hydra still the best of the tournament?

CCP Pizza: Usually CCP delivers for us, but for one night it was the other way around

EVE Vegas pt.1: Largest EVE Vegas saw the largest gathering of Noir. bolstered by our MC bros, Noir. balling in limos eating the finest buffets, Alek’s birthday party and why now is the best time to put a spy in MC, plus much more including Alek’s big stage presentation and the content-filled dance party

EVE Vegas pt.2: New carriers, new dreads, new DD’s, FAX machines, skill packets, ship re-balancing, and the potential awesomeness of the Community MJD Destroyer

Contract Roundup: Battlecruisin’ Space Goats

DoW 86: October Surprise pt. 1

“Was there a wink?”

Poll Discussion: Phoebe Jump Change Revisions

EVE News:

  • Alek and Ali give an extensive first-hand account of EVE Vegas including off-stream hijinx, roundtable reporting, 5v5 and Valkyrie PVP results, and Noir.’s fortunes on the Vegas Strip
  • Nyx gets ganked for charity
  • NoHo fights against the odds in an overwhelming victory in w-space
  • Nullsec rearranges the map in prep for Phoebe as the DoW cast gives you the latest on who’s doing what, going where, and why

Contract: Outer Ring Pipe Camp


Links: EVE Down Under