DoW 95- Special Guest Mike Azariah

“Which makes sense on so many levels.”

Aleks and Thad are joined by CSM Veteran and Emperor-for-life Mike Azariah; Turtle is back next week.

Poll Results: Who will be on top of Providence by the year’s end?

-EVE News
NC. in Providence
BL dunks Imperium titans despite internal drama
Large WH engagement
New Sindel Pellion song

-NoNotBelieving Update
Providence contract completed with video

-CSM Corner

Ending Music- Sindel Pellion- Blue List


CSM 10 Issue Panel- The Changing Role of the CSM and the CCP/CSM Relationship

We present to you the first of our two CSM 10 candidate round-table style discussions, focusing on the changing role of the CSM and the CCP/CSM dynamic.


  • DomanarK
  • Khador Vess

Issues (not a comprehensive list):

  • CSM Whitepaper
  • Interpretations of the CSM’s mission
  • Access and dissemination of information
  • Repairing a damaged CSM/CCP relationship

Thanks for listening. I’m working on the second roundtable now, look for that in a few hours.

As always, don’t forget to vote.


DoW 91: Elder Statesman

“…and if you’re in a group of 14 and you can’t figure out who the dipstick is, it’s you.”

Special Guest: CSM Rep. Mike Azariah joins Alek and Deletor for an episode of laughs and hard questions

Poll Results: The Minutes and the NDA

EVE News:

  • Tiamat approaches, we take a look at the patch notes and discuss release cycles
  • CFC vs BL in Venal heats back up

This Week in Mercs:

  • NoNotBelieving update

CSM Corner: A look at the controversy surrounding CSM9’s recently-aired infighting and struggles with a changing CSM/CCP relationship