198: Soloing

“Boy this show goes fast when you have no cohosts…”

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-The first ever solo edition of DoW as Alek goes it alone

-WWB2 update

-Noir.’s contract and activity in WWB2, including attacking ihubs in Cloud Ring and relentless roaming of Delve

-ProviBloc disbands! The end of an EVE era and a decade long reign of CVA in Providence

-A very special announcement about DoW 200!

First week of the war coverage: https://somethingyoushouldknow.substack.com/

197: Hoes Over Bros

“80% of our CSM voting WH audience prefers hoes to bros.”

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-World War Chappy aka ChappyFest aka best and most bittersweet birthday party in New Eden History

-Contract Recap: Cloud Ring (we solo’d iHubs y’all!!!)

-Legacy ends NIP with Imperium: IS THIS HAPPENING?!

196: Insecurity

“I don’t see this shifting the nullsec meta”

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-CSM15 election results

-Player support for Triglavian invasion turning several highsec systems into lowsec!

-Early analysis of the EDENCOM ships and AoE weapon system

-Recap of Noir.’s recent highsec contract