DoW 81: Can I Bring My Drake?

“Tora Bushido writes in with a dedication to Ynot…”

Ynot Eyob, leader of The Obsidian Front, joins us as our special guest

EVE News: Battlement Coalition forms to up pressure on Goons, Provi/Catch war escalates, EVE gets hit by DDoS

Contract Wrap Up: AT12

This Week In Mercs: Marmite Collective talks shit and drops war decs they never show up to. Must be Tuesday.

CSM Corner: SomerGate 2014

Dramatic Reading: Tora Bushido Freaks Out

-Alek and Ynot bond. It’s pretty magical.

Ending Music: Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

DoW 80: High as a Seagull

“We are small, bad at the game, and awful at the alliance tournament.”

Poll: How will Crius affect your relationship with industry?

EVE News: Crius was released and we all survived, CCP Seagull named the new EP, Endie Posts the best player-made sov design

Contract Wrap Up: Tourny match days and times announced, Noir.’s team profiled by ISD

This Week In Mercs: GSE hires all the empire mercs to take on RVB, Suddenly Spaceships does a flawless job as Es and Whiz’s enforcer

CSM Corner: WH changes! Big ones too.

Music: Dubstep Dedodated Wam (stay blazed my young friend)