DoW 73: The Nose Knows

“Burn baby burn!”

Noizy of Nosy Gamer joins us for an interview and lends his expertise to our discussions

Poll Results: Have you voted for CSM? (Also, two of our listeners are scientifically wrong)

EVE News: World of Darkness scrapped by CCP to the tune of $21m in losses, HERO Co captures HED-GP, Burn Jita begins (spoiler for next cast: we had two contracts for this, one employer is Gevlon Goblin, and Goblin has announced he’s refusing to pay. Get your popcorn ready!)

Contract Wrap Up: Hazing CFC controlled North West Null Sec

This Week In Mercs: Suddenly Spaceships shifts gears to WH space

CSM Corner: CCP reveals parts of the upcoming Industry revamp and the cast discusses the consequences

-Noizy reveals himself to be a lowsec miner. Alek listens to his first hand experience being a unicorn with great interest

-Probably our best ending song EVER, custom mixed by NinjaTurtle #capitalism #BurnJita #trollterrorism

DoW 72: Dolanmite

CCP Dolanmite

“Do you think it’d be a good idea for me to get shot by a number of paintballs equal to the votes we got last year?”

Poll Results: Who Deserved a Ban from the Bonus Round? (science!!!)

News: The southern map resets to pre-Halloween war boundaries, Brave Newbies suffers from leadership drama, and tensions rise in the north with CFC vs. TRI/BL/Mordus

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. tests some new doctrine ideas, including Artillery Cynabals and Tempest Fleet Issues

This Week in Mercs: The Marmite Collective decs Rote Kapelle over Jesters Trek blog

CSM Corner: CCP Dolan joins us to talk summit minutes, CSM8’s performance, and the ongoing CSM9 elections

Masterclass: Lowsec Aggro Mechanics


CSM9: “The Bonus Rant”

Feat. DNSBLACK, Ali Aras, Alekseyev Karrde

“Let’s go toe to toe”



-Restraint, responsibility, and activism on the CSM


Declarations of War/Noir. Ballot

GO VOTE (and who you should consider voting for)

If you’re reading this, A. thanks for subscribing to our podcast and B. make sure you cast (hah!) your vote for CSM9.

On I laid out my ballot and why candidates are worth your vote. It’s worth a read

If you’d like to skip to the electing good candidates part, click here

Whether you vote this list or not, find a candidate that you feel can best represent your interests to CCP and *VOTE* Just vote. Tell the people in your corp, in your alliance, and on your contact list to vote. The bigger the turnout the better the CSM can be at working for us.