DoW 69 “Triple Entendre”

“Ohhh myyyy” -Tubguy

Poll Results: Have you hired a merc?

EVE News: Siege of 0-W and counter attempts, NC. attempts to regain the initiative, -A- forced out of Wicked Creek

Contract Wrap Up: Defense of 6I-3VX and the Battle of T-AK

This Week in Mercs: Psianh Auvyander releases a second interview on the merc industry, Marmite Collective breaks 1 trillion ISK a month in total kills (hat tip to Freight Club), Suddenly Spaceships sends in an exciting battle report

CSM Corner: Election season is underway, an early look at the candidates, and a preview of upcoming DoW election coverage

Masterclass: Proper Fleet Balance

-Alek can’t bet on the NEO because he lost all of his EVE-Bet seed money on the Women’s Hockey gold medal game