DoW Episode 56

-Poll Discussion: Will CFC Push Into Delve?

-EVE News: TEST Evac’s Delve, Dinner Co breaks up with INIT and others seeking new regions to live in, Pandemic Legion wins ATXI in a thrilling duel of Sentry Drone Meta

-Contract Discussion: Providence Civil War CONTENTSPLOSION

-This Week in Mercs: The Final Stand goes off market

-CSM Roundup: Balancing Updates, Summit Prep, Next CSM Townhall, and Being a CSM During a Sov War


DoW 55

-Poll Discussion: Are you happy with the selection of the Iceland 7?

-EVE News: 6VDT goes down as the biggest fight in EVE history, speculation on TEST’s fate post-Fountain, Stain Russians make steady gains in Esoteria while SOLAR gets kicked back to square one in the Drone Regions, wormholes run red as Blood Union evicts W-Space in an epic battle, and ATXI recap and discussion

-This Week in Mercs: Surely You’re Joking makes a new player sing for his ship and the results are spectactular, Rebirth. somehow allowed to cause more empire merc drama

-CSM Roundup: HAC Rebalance discussion, CSM and CCP clash for the first time, an update on SMAs, and preparations underway for the Summer Summit

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SYJ Serenade