DoW Episode 52 w/ Ripard Teg and Mike Azariah

-Ali Aras debuts as our new regular host and we have special CSM8 guests Mike Azariah and Vice Chairman Ripard Teg

-The CSM8ers are grilled on the election results, CSM activity, player communication, and the inside track of what issues the CSM is looking at post Odyssey

-Contract Wrap Up: Care Factor and war on Western Providence

-Poll Discussion: What do you think of the HBC Breakup?

-EVE News: Holy F*ck Fountain: review, insights, and speculations on CFC vs TEST, Stain Russian resurgence?, The future of EVR

-Masterclass: Noir. Unified Fleet Doctrine in the post Odyssey era

DoW Episode 51 w/ Ali Aras

Contracts, contests, and a major announcement on this week’s Declarations of War!

-Our special guest Ali Aras goes through her babilienth interview about the CSM elections

-Poll Results: Ship Art Relevance

-Contract Wrap Up: A WH POCO clearing yields a faction fit present, Armor HAC Training for the Valkyrie Coalition

-This Week in Mercs: Somali Coast Guard Boot Camp, The Condemned and Convicted join Noir. Mercenary Group

-EVE News: The DoW team catches you up on the month of May featuring the implosion of the HBC, the explosion of titans, the dissolution of Talocan United, and a fond farewell to Lost in EVE

-CSM Coverage: Odyssey edition

-CONTEST! The best battle report from the EVE Uni, RvB, and Brave Newbies sexy three way wins 2 PLEX! Send your battle reports to Alekseyev Karrde via EVE Mail by June 17th!

-A major announcement about the podcast host line up


Completing the Set

Hello friends,

This podcast has seen a various number of hosts (both people and servers) throughout the course of its life. In an effort to create a complete archive of all our podcast releases, we’ve recovered and uploaded a few of DoW’s original episodes that we had naively thought disappeared into the ether, filling in most of our missing episodes. That being said, we still are missing three early episodes (namely 14, 15 and 21) so if you think you might have a complete, intact copy of one of these three recordings, please contact either Alekseyev Karrde or myself (NinjaTurtle) via twitter/evemail/WP comment.

While some of these already existed on the server, here are links just in case you were curious about the early days of DoW. Click through the link episodes to play them with your in-browser .mp3 player (if supported), otherwise you can right-click and ‘save as’.

Thanks again guys, hope you enjoy.


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