DoW 50th Episode Anniversary Show!

The format goes out the window for this landmark 50th episode, recorded live for the first time ever. Join us as your beloved hosts are visited by former hosts Jimer Lins and Alexg567, CSM8 member Ali Aras, and a parade of guests big and small. Featuring a live music performances, skits, dramatic readings, and a retelling of memorable moments from the past 10 years of EVE.

5/19 20:00 DoW Ep. 50 LIVE!!!

You heard it right, we’re celebrating our 50th episode and we’re doing it with our first ever live recording! This will be a special episode that will disregard our normal format. Expect lots of guest cameos, skits, looks back at favorite memories from EVE’s first 10 years, live audience interaction, songs and more. So come be a part of the celebration this Sunday at 20:00 and make it a night to remember!

TS3: (password will be removed shortly before the broadcast)

The best part?

Well, I’ll try to make them anyway XD -Alek

DoW Episode 49

“Yo Adrian!”

Poll Discussion: CSM8 Voter Turnout

Contract Wrap Up: NMG.’s first joint EVE/DUST op and POS takedown in Black Rise

This Week In Mercs: Whores in Space and The Marmite Collective top the charts for most damage dealt since Retribution

EVE News: SOLAR Eviction Complete and Burn Jita 2 

FanFest Coverage: Odyssey, Team Security, CCP Unifex, and EVE’s 5 Year Plan (sound familiar?)

CSM Coverage: Election results are in and Alek’s autopsy of the election

Video LinksHellstorm DUST Side and Hellstorm EVE Side 

Join us next time for a very special 50th episode extravaganza!