DoW Episode 34 – “A Quiet Night In”

Vile Rat Fund:

-Tribute: UMI falls, NC. moves to Vale to continue its defense
-The South: Major additions to the HBC, Catch invasion imminent?
-Someone in Get Off My Lawn leaves said LAWN with +46b ISK
-Epic Fights, brought to you by Triage: Verge of Collapse vs. IRC, Rooks and Kings vs. CVA
-New destroyers, Vaga models released
-Ship balancing plans revealed, and they’re way ahead of schedule!
-Contract Wrap Up: Y-MPWL
-This Week in Mercs: GIS news and Veng Inc’s Bombers Bar makes headlines
-CSM voting/election reform discussion/powderkeg
-A very frillin’ Noir. Masterclass: The Vagabond

Next week’s episode will feature Seleene, EVE’s most famous mercenary. Don’t come expecting any CSM talk, we won’t be having it; instead we’re talking the life of Mercenary Coalition, EVE’s history, and the future of mercs in New Eden.

“The Lost Interview”- Arydanika visits Declarations of War

Arydanika, host of Voices from the Void, joins the Declarations of War cast for an interview so sultry you’d think she was narrating a Disney World ride (if you listen, you’ll get that joke later).

This segment was supposed to be part of Episode 30, which was lost some time ago due to RL circumstances. When I FINALLY got my hands on the raw sound file last night, I also had the pleasure of finding that it was partially corrupted. Since the news was pretty outdated anyways, we decided to bring you just the interview portion and have Dani back for a more timely release in the future. Word on the street is Aleks just recently warmed the guest chair at Voices from the Void; I’m a little jealous.

Thanks for the understanding and we hope you enjoy the interview. We apologize to both our listeners and Arydanika, as it was a great episode and a shame to loose it the way we did.


Episode 33 – The Ripard Teg/CSM Edition

We all wear hats. Sean Smith was no exception to that rule. To a precious few, he was a husband and father. Others knew him as a dedicated employee of the State Department, a testament to all Americans that serve this country. In the eyes of the perpetrators, just another American; to the news media, one of four killed in Benghazi; to us, simply Vile Rat. “Simply” Vile Rat. As if there was a vet within the proverbial thousand miles that didn’t at least recognize the name. Granted you won’t find a textbook recanting EVE’s history while spelling out the major players at any given time, but his name would have come up. Those of us who remember can understand what the EVE community lost Tuesday night.

As condolences, remembrances, thoughts and sadness spread through #tweetfleet, the senseless violence in which he was claimed became even more overwhelming. It was a sordid reminder that ignorance and hate, antagonists seemingly as powerful as the planning and foresight VR gave, could take from this community even the best laid plans. In a game that offers no guarantees but immortality, we were once again reminded that life continued to offer us the possibility of anything but.

Just as his life spurred action, so must his death. To continue moving forward is to do him the best memory. Moving forward together as a community, understanding and exercising our differences in-game while transcending to the understanding that we can be and are still united as one outside of it. ‘Cause if VR really taught us anything, it was that regardless of our differences, a little diplomacy can make the world go ’round.

In the honor and memory of Sean “Vile Rat” Smith, we present you with Episode 33, The Ripard Teg/CSM Edition.


Show Notes

-Special guests CSM Chairman Seleene, CSM Vice Secretary Hans Jagerblitzen, and infamously critical-of-the-CSM blogger Ripard Teg of Jester’s Trek fame.
-Alek and Seleene both shout out to Poetic Stanziel; coincidence or cloning?  We report, you decide.
-Ripard Teg talks about his start in EVE and as a blogger
-Discussion of the CSM6 election and the experience of being a candidate
-Fierce debate over the role of the CSM
-Alek reads controversial parts of Ripard’s latest blog and shit gets real
-Real talk continues over Technetium alchemy and the accomplishments/shortcomings of CSM7
-EVE News: Massive ship graveyards in Tribute (CFC vs DotBros), big shakeups in Faction Warfare, DUST 514 hits Sisi
-Black Ops hot drop highlights from Noir.’s latest deployment

Examples cited by Ripard of Mittens using the bully pulpit to communicate a message to EVE players and elsewhere: